Depression and Anxiety

Did you wake up this morning with a sense of dread about what might go wrong today? Do you find yourself unmotivated to do anything – even things that you used to enjoy?  Do people frequently ask you if you’re ok—or maybe they used to ask but have stopped?  Do you lie awake at night, rehashing your past and second-guessing your decisions? You may be one of the 40 million adults in America who suffer from anxiety or depression.

Sadly, only about 38 percent of those 40 million people receive any treatment for their mental health, they just suffer in isolation and hopelessness. The tragedy of that is that both anxiety and depression are very treatable conditions.

There is hope for you – that you can wake up with a sense of anticipation, rather than dread, each morning, that you can enjoy activities, your job, your family and friends, and life in general, again. You are not the problem; your anxiety and/or depression are the problem. Using a combination of narrative therapy and EMDR, we can find the roots of your depression and anxiety and then create strategies to defeat them.