Life Transitions

What kind of changes are you facing? Life is full of change. We choose some of those changes and others are thrust upon us. Some changes are easier than others. Divorce and break-ups, the death of a loved one, loss of a job, and serious illness are universally recognized as difficult life changes.

However, even events that we typically see as happy, such as having a baby, marriage or remarriage, starting college, accepting a new job, transitioning out of the military, and retirement, can bring about unexpected hardships. We all feel comfortable in what is familiar, and these major life events bring about unfamiliar territory and discomfort, which in turn creates stress.

Therapy can help you to find the skills and internal resources that you need to navigate the changes and challenges that life throws at you, whether these transitions were chosen by you or forced upon you. The next chapter of your life can be the best one yet.