Substance Misuse and Addiction

Whether an increase in drinking, marijuana consumption, misuse of prescription medication, or illegal drug use, substance misuse occurs when a substance begins to cause problems in your life. Maybe these are problems in relationships, work, or physical health. Perhaps substance misuse impacts your relationship with yourself. Maybe you notice that it is harder to motivate yourself to accomplish things you need and want to do, or you do not feel like yourself.

Addiction is an ongoing condition with relapses, a prioritized relationship with the substance above everything else, and continued use, despite the adverse problems it causes in your life. Addiction is a brain disorder that impacts dopamine production, causing functional changes to motivation, self-control, and reward.

The road to recovery looks different for everyone. Some people want to reduce their use and can do so, while others may want or need total sobriety to accomplish their recovery goals. Substance misuse and addiction are both treatable health conditions. Therapy can help you figure out what recovery looks like for you and help you return to your life without substances calling all the shots.