Trauma and EMDR

Your trauma matters.

Whether it was from abuse as a child, abuse from a domestic partner, an accident or another crisis event, or in the line of duty as a veteran or first responder, your trauma was real and your pain and distress are real. It doesn’t matter if other people “had it worse.” It doesn’t matter if other people experienced the same thing and they seem “fine.” It doesn’t matter if it was “partially your fault” or you “should have known better.” It doesn’t matter if no one else knows. Your trauma matters and you deserve to unload the pain you carry and find healing.

Loni is an approved Level I & II EMDR practitioner by EMDRIA. EMDR is a therapy in which disturbing memories are reprocessed to reduce the distress associated with the memories and to allow healthier functioning. EMDR has been categorized as “Level A” treatment that is “strongly recommended” for trauma by the US Department of Veterans Affairs and the International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies.

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