Interning Therapists and Internships

All therapists must complete an internship while in their Master’s level or Doctoral level studies. Interns at Poudre Psychotherapy Partners are supervised by one or two licensed therapists to provide specialized support for each client and intern. Working with an intern at Poudre Psychotherapy Partners, your sessions are still confidential and are not shared outside of the supervisee (interning therapist) and supervisor (licensed therapist) relationship. If you have any questions or concerns, you may contact the supervising therapist at any time.

All our supervisors have completed additional training and deeply enjoy working with therapists at all stages of their career. Below are our three supervising therapists

Loni K Beall, LPC

Co-owner of Poudre Psychotherapy Partners

Jenna Raymond, LCSW

Co-owner of Poudre Psychotherapy Partners

Ann Robinson, LCSW

Owner of Two Rivers Psychotherapy